Si Wafer with SiO2 Layer

Thermal oxide coated Si wafers by dry or wet oxidation, single/double side coatings available


Product:Si wafer with SiO2 (thermal oxide) layer
Production method:High temperature furnace oxidation of Si wafer
Appearance:Color changes from silver gray to purple/blue after oxidation.
Si base wafer:Oxide layer can be produced on Si wafer of any grade (prime / dummy / solar / etc)
SiO2 coating:

• Oxide layer coated on double sides

  Oxidation in air naturally produced oxide layer on both sides of the wafers.

• Oxide layer coated on single side

  SiO2 layer on back side (usually non-polished side) can be removed upon request.

Oxide layer thickness:10 nm up to 10 um

• As-cut wafers without polishing

• Single side epi-polished

• Double side epi-polished