ZX-TFM 25 mL

ZX-TFM Autoclaves, 25 mL / 230 °C / 580 psig

Product:ZX Series Autoclave / Acid Digestion Vessel                                                
Material:Stainless Steel Shell / TFM Liner
Volume:25 mL
Max Temperature: 230 °C
Max Pressure:580 psig (= 40 bar = 4 MPa)
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What is TFM?

TFM is a PTFE derivative, with slightly modified chain structures as compared to PTFE. TFM exhibits better temperature durability than PTFE for autoclave applications. view more...

TFM Liner Dimensions


Outer Diameter


Outer Height


Inner Diameter


Inner Depth


  25 mL  34612548
  50 mL  43723361
100 mL51854274
200 mL69965688