XPS Testing Service

Accurate surfacial element analysis, including valance state anlysis


Test Method:

XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy)


Thermo Escalab 250Xi

X-ray Source:

Al Ka (1486.6 eV)


• Qualitative composition analysis

Confirm the existence of certainelement (sensitivity 0.1 at%), but XPS is less accurate for quantitative analysis;

• Valance state analysis

Analyze the chemical environment and valance states of the elements on the sample surface.

• XPS Depth Profile

Using Ar ions to sputter and etch the sample and perform XPS analyses after each etching cycle.

Analysis Depth:

• <5 nm for metal, inorganic materials;

• <10 nm for plastic, polymers, organic materials.

Test Time:

• 7 Working Days

Useful Links:

• XPS on Wikipedia

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