Si Wafer (Dummy Grade)

Dummy grade Si wafers, epi-polished surface, low requirements on resistivity, orientation, etc

Product:Silicon (Si) wafer

Dummy grade

Dummy wafers and prime wafers are both of 11N purity with epi-polished surfaces. The difference between them is that dummy wafers do not have strict requirements on orientation and resistivity, and thus are cheap and suitable for certain applications.

Purity:99.999999999% (11N)

Standard dimensions:

• 2'' × 0.28 mm, 2'' × 0.4 mm

• 4'' × 0.525 mm

• 6'' × 0.625 mm

• 8'' × 0.725 mm

Other diameters and thicknesses available

Orientation:No requirements (can be any direction)
Conductive type:No requirements (can be any type)
Resistivity:No requirements (can be any resistivity)

• As-cut wafers without polishing

• Single side epi-polished

• Double side epi-polished

Surface roughness:< 0.5 nm
Remarks:Dummy wafers have the same surface polishing conditions as prime wafers.